Template & Custom-built Website Design
Create your first website with Bobaweb. You can upgrade your plan at anytime.


Create your first website using our beautiful and ready to used templates

Billed per 6 months

/ 6 mo


Custom - bulit website design, and a content manager that will help you to manage your website.

Billed per 6 months

/ 6 mo


An exclusive custom built website ( design, concept and content management ) contact us for further information.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a fee to make my first website ?
You can use our Free Trial Plan to make your first website. No fee charges, no payment included. And you can upgrade your plan at anytime.
Do I need to pay for domain and hosting server ?
No, you will get your domain and hosting server free in every year. We will not charge you with a domain and hosting bill, its on us.
What is Premium Plan ?
Premium plan has a full support from our designer and programmer, which makes your website more exclusive. You can change the layout on website template, adding some Content Manager based on your request and other privilages that you will get on premium plan.
What's the difference between monthly and annual plans?
Customers on monthly plans prepay for their website on the 1st of each month. Customers on annual plans prepay for website for the entire year, but have less payment than customer who prepay monthly
Can I stop subscribing ?
And as for Premium package , you can stop subscribe after a minimum 6 months subscribed.
What is one time payment ?
This plan only requires one time payment, then you have your website for your life time. We still do maintenence and support for your website in the future.